Fremantle Heritage Restoration Project

Heritage restoration project in Fremantle

Less than a kilometre from the beach, this property is a testament to Fremantle’s enduring charm and maritime heritage. Our mission was to unveil its true character, hidden beneath years of render, and restore its natural elegance, allowing it to stand proudly once more as a beacon of Fremantle’s rich past and vibrant future.

Phase One: Removing the Veil

The first step in our journey was to remove the limestone render that has masked the property’s exterior for decades. This process is delicate; the render must be removed without damaging the original stonework beneath. Our team employed a combination of chiselling and high-pressure washing to remove the render, ensuring that the historical fabric of the building is kept intact.

Heritage building with limestone render being removed

Phase Two: Restoration

Each stone is carefully evaluated; those that have weathered the years well are cleaned to reveal their natural texture and colour. Those who succumbed to time are meticulously replaced, emphasising matching the original stone to maintain the structure’s authenticity. We rebuilt the quoins around the windows and doors where necessary, ensuring a sound structure before beginning phase three.

Phase Three: Repointing

With the original stonework exposed and quoins rebuilt, our attention turned to repointing, a traditional masonry technique that involves filling the joints between stones with fresh mortar. Repointing not only enhances the property’s visual appeal but also reinforces the structural integrity of the walls. Repointing, requiring a skilled hand and an eye for detail, will restore the property’s elegant, natural style, celebrating its historical significance.

Heritage building with rebuilt and repointed quoins

Addressing Rising Damp

A common affliction of historical properties, rising damp poses a threat to the longevity and safety of the building. Our strategy encompasses a comprehensive solution that not only addresses the symptoms but also tackles the root cause. By integrating modern damp-proofing techniques with respect to the building’s original construction methods, we ensure the property is protected against moisture ingress, securing its structural integrity for years to come.

The Outcome

By removing the render and repointing the original stonework, and revitalising the rear of the property, we’re not just preserving a piece of Fremantle’s history; we’re breathing new life into it. The result is a property that is a testament to the town’s heritage, resilience, and beauty.

At Timeless Restorations, we love working on heritage properties. We take great pride in our work and back it with an industry-leading 10-year guarantee. If you have a heritage property in need of some love, please reach out to us any time for a free, no-obligation quote. 

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