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Rising damp is a major concern for property owners and managers in Perth. This occurs when moisture moves upwards through walls and foundations, particularly in older buildings without proper damp-proofing measures. Rising damp can compromise structural integrity and lead to health risks from mould and mildew growth. Prompt and effective action is critical to maintain property safety and longevity.

At Timeless Restorations, we’re Perth’s leading experts in rising damp treatment and waterproofing solutions. As a trusted name in the industry, we are committed to protecting properties from the detrimental effects of rising damp.

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What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp refers to moisture in a building, typically due to water seeping through damaged or aged materials. If left untreated, it can contribute to a host of health issues, such as bacterial infections, and seriously compromise the structural integrity of your property.

Signs of Rising Damp

  1. Tide Marks on Walls: One of the most visible signs are tide marks caused by evaporation and salts left behind. These marks can be visible up to a meter above the skirting boards.
  2. Damp Patches: These appear on walls and typically worsen after heavy rain. They might feel wet to the touch and can have a discoloured appearance.
  3. Peeling Wallpaper: Wallpaper may start to peel or bubble due to the excess moisture rising in the walls.
  4. Decaying Skirting Boards and Floorboards: Wood in contact with damp walls can rot or decay, particularly at the bottom where it meets the wall.
  5. Mould Growth: Black mould or mildew can often be seen on the affected wall areas, resulting from the excess moisture.
  6. Musty Smell: Rising damp can cause a distinct musty odour due to mould and mildew.
  7. Crumbling Plaster: Plaster might deteriorate, flake, or crumble due to the moisture absorbed from the ground.
  8. Cold and Damp Feeling: The affected area may feel cold and damp compared to other parts of the wall.
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Our Services

Timeless Restorations provides various solutions to treat rising damp that cater to clients’ specific property requirements and budgets. One such method is damp coursing, which involves injecting a damp-proofing silicone solution into drilled holes in the wall. This creates a barrier against water or salts and helps to prevent rising damp.

In addition to this, we provide comprehensive waterproofing services depending on the type and extent of water damage your property has suffered. This can involve inserting a waterproof membrane into a trench dug along the outside wall of a building and in severe cases, replacing a penetrated section of the masonry wall with new masonry.

We also specialise in advanced repair methods such as the replacement of the original damp-proof course.

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Why Choose Timeless Restorations?

Quality Workmanship

Our skilled craftsmen are highly trained in assessing, treating and preventing rising damp, guaranteeing that your brickwork will look impeccable and stand the test of time.

Local Expertise

Based in Perth, we understand your brickwork’s unique environmental challenges. Our local expertise allows us to offer targeted solutions that cater to the specific needs of our community.


We believe in offering fair, transparent pricing without compromising on quality. We design our services to provide long-term value for your investment while remaining affordable.

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How we address rising damp

At Timeless Restorations, we understand the challenges and risks associated with rising damp, especially in the Perth climate. Our comprehensive approach to tackling rising damp involves several key steps, ensuring our clients’ long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

Initial Inspection and Assessment

  • Detailed Evaluation: Our team thoroughly inspects your property to identify the extent and source of the rising damp. This includes checking for visual signs, measuring moisture levels in walls, and assessing the condition of damp-proofing courses.
  • Customised Report: We provide a detailed report outlining our findings, including the severity of the damp and the areas most affected.

Tailoring a Solution

  • Personalised Plan: Based on the assessment, we develop a customised treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of your property.
  • Selection of Materials and Methods: We select the most effective materials and methods for your situation, whether installing new damp-proof courses, using chemical injections, or implementing other advanced techniques.

Rectifying the Problem

  • Professional Execution: Our skilled technicians perform the treatment with precision and care, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.
  • Quality Products: We use high-quality, industry-approved products that provide effective and long-lasting protection against rising damp.
  • Restorative Work: If required, we undertake restorative work such as replastering, repainting, and repairing any structural damage caused by the damp.

Prevention & Maintenance

  • Preventive Measures: We advise on preventative measures to avoid future occurrences, including improving ventilation, addressing external drainage issues, or adjusting landscaping near the building.
  • Ongoing Support: We offer continuing support and maintenance tips to keep your property damp-free.
At Timeless Restorations, we pride ourselves on offering reliable, effective, and tailor-made solutions for rising damp in Perth. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your property is treated for current damp issues and protected against future occurrences.

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Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace
Professional quality work, arrived on time and cleaned up afterwards. Replaced a rusted lintel, repaired limestone cracks and fixed multiple cracks in 2 retaining walls in one day. Highly recommend Ashley and the team.
Timeless restorations did a fantastic job. They also came on time and cleaned up afterwards. Would recommend using them for this type of work.
Gloria McQuillan
Gloria McQuillan
We are so impressed by this company. They are very professional in all aspects of the work, from being responsive and on time and providing an itemised written quote. Their work on our stone and limestone walls was carried out in consultation as to what I wanted. When they were finished there was no mess, dirt and the walls look brilliant. I highly recommend this company and commend their timely, polite professional work.
Hana Woolerson
Hana Woolerson
Very happy to have found Nikolai and Ashley to repair an internal damp wall. They were both very professional and knowledgeable.
Soraya Jardine
Soraya Jardine
Knowledge staff, work was completed to a high standard and the site was left clean. All staff were friendly, punctual and polite and very reasonable with costs.
Bernard Sweeny
Bernard Sweeny
The Best. Arrived on time, got the small job I had done with no fuss. Left the site very clean. Very professional team. Highly recommended this company don’t waste your time getting other quotes they are very competitive on price.
James Graham
James Graham
I have had Ashley from Timeless Restorations rebuild the outside wall and render the in side wall of my house were an old aircon had been removed. He was very professional and nothing was to much bother I would highly recommend him and his team
Tim Massey
Tim Massey
Professional. Reliable. Reasonable. Nikolai and Ashley were skilled, generous with knowledge and advice and worked to a high standard. They showed up on time and were easy to deal with. They diagnosed a long standing wall crack problem, replaced a rusted out lintel and repaired sections of a house wall for me and also advised about and repaired sections of a brick boundary wall around my 1930s residence. Their quotes were also competitive. Highly recommend.
Car Man
Car Man
Ashley and his team worked on the side wall of my old post war home in October 2023. The render had been bubbling and coming off for a while due to the weather and bricks were crumbling. The plan was to strip the render and tidy up for the new render. I don't know anything about this work but I could not fault them. It looks so beautiful seeing the red brick underneath. Ashley was lovely and easy to deal with, the work was completed below expected price in the end and it was all cleaned up with no mess. They could have continued to charge me the full price in the quote, I would have been none the wiser but testament to his honesty he reduced the price. I cannot recommend these guys more highly. Please consider them for any jobs. I'm planning on using Ashley again to tuck point and repair the front of my home.
Matthew Viveiros
Matthew Viveiros
Had the guys doing some repair work last week on my front wall , ran into some issues out of anyone’s control , they were very helpful with the whole situation and provided solutions. The work they carried out was of a high standard. Highly recommend

Rising Damp FAQs

In Perth, it’s crucial to address rising damp as soon as the first signs, such as damp patches or peeling wallpaper, are noticed. Ideally, a professional assessment should be sought within a week, followed by prompt treatment initiation within a couple of weeks. This swift action is particularly important considering Perth’s climate, with its dry summers and wet winters, which can exacerbate the issue. Immediate treatment not only prevents further structural and health-related damages but is also more cost-effective in the long run.

If left untreated, rising damp can lead to serious long-term effects, including structural damage to bricks, mortar, and interior finishes like plaster and paint, leading to costly repairs. It encourages mould and mildew growth, posing significant health risks such as respiratory problems and allergies. Additionally, affected buildings suffer from reduced thermal efficiency, increasing heating costs, and often develop persistent musty odours. These issues not only compromise the living conditions but also reduce the property’s value and appeal.

The city’s mix of modern and older buildings, each with varying susceptibility to dampness, calls for tailored treatment approaches, especially for heritage properties without damp-proof courses. Local soil composition also impacts moisture movement, necessitating region-specific solutions.

Adherence to local building regulations and environmental standards in Western Australia is crucial. Incorporating preventive measures like improved drainage and ventilation, considering the environmental impact of treatments, and choosing the optimal season for intervention are key factors in effectively managing rising damp in Perth.

We offer an industry leading 10 Year Guarantee on all works.

Industry leading 10 year guarantee

Feel safe in your investment with a 10 Year Guarantee on our works. 

10 Year Guarantee
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